Caring for your jewellery in the summer is particularly important, as the season brings its own set of challenges due to increased heat, humidity, and outdoor activities. As part of our Summer Series, I’ve pulled together my top tips for caring for your favourite jewellery this summer. 

  1. Make Time For Insurance: It might seem like just another task before going away, but we’d always recommend making sure your jewellery is insured, particularly if you are going on a city break. If you have time, and want to be extra cautious, we’d also recommend photographing each item in case you do need to make a claim, it will make everything much smoother in the long run. 
  1. Travel with Care: Always take extra precautions with your jewellery when travelling as this is when they can get damaged. Avoid packing jewellery loosely in your luggage, and always keep them in your hand luggage. Our Florence London soft jewellery pouches are perfect to keep things safe and organised, and they come complimentary with every order!
  1. Keep Your Jewellery Dry: You’ve made it to the sun lounger and can finally relax, but be sure to take your jewellery off during any activities as sweat and humidity can damage your jewellery, especially if it contains pearls or gemstones. Chlorine and saltwater can be particularly harmful to metals so it’s always better to be safe when swimming.
  1. Avoid Sun Exposure: Extended exposure to sunlight can fade and damage your jewellery, especially those with organic materials like pearls and coral. When going outside, try to keep your jewellery covered or store it in a cool, dark place. If there is a safe in the hotel, best keep it locked in there. 
  1. Spray with Care: Sunscreen can cause real problems with your jewellery, dulling the shine and getting stuck between gemstones, so be sure to put it on before your jewellery. The same goes for any perfume or insect repellent which can be damaging for your favourite pieces. 
  1. Clean Regularly: Your  jewellery is more exposed to sweat, dirt, and sunscreen throughout the summer months so take extra special care of it and give it a clean regularly so there is no build up of residue.

The good thing is a number of our pieces are designed and made with these precautions in mind, so our enamel signature bangles are 100% waterproof, and our earrings and necklaces are tarnish proof.

Hope this helps keep your jewellery safe this summer. Now sit back, relax and enjoy that cocktail! 


Rosie Florence x

August 11, 2023 — Rosie Florence