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A Summer Of Silver

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“Every piece that I design has to be a head turner. I want something that's colourful, bold, unbreakable and that carries a meaning or a memory.”

The Perfect Child's Bangle

Looking for a Christening present or child's birthday present?

Our Child's Engraved Clasp Bangle is the perfect present that they can cherish for years to come.

What Our Customers Say...
"My engraved Roman numeral bangle never leaves my wrist! It was a treat for myself during lockdown to remind me of a special holiday."
— Flossie, London
"My wife bought me The Men's Signature Cuff with our daughters initials on it for my birthday and it was perfect"
— Henry, Manchester
"My gold letter S earring and silver letter M earring are perfect stacked up. They are my family initials and mean the world to me. Love all of Florence's jewellery, thank you!"
— Lucy, Bath
"I wear my children's names on my gold bangle every day. It's my favourite piece of jewellery"
— Megan, Exeter
"The Rainbow Bangle is so well made, and reminds me to stay positive and motivated throughout hard times."
— Charlie, London