"I see jewellery as an extension of one's personality"

Where it all began

​It all began in 2002 when, aged 14, Rosie realised that she had a deep passion for creating jewellery. She spent her teenage years between London, Guildford, and Brighton making bracelets and necklaces from meaningful charms, interesting fabric, and brightly coloured beads, and subsequently loved the conversations that would spark from the colourful designs she wore. Friends would regularly ask Rosie to personalise jewellery for them. Of course, it was just a hobby, but Rosie was unknowingly sowing the seeds for something much grander.

In 2017, in her late 20s, with a business degree under her belt and eight years of experience working in brand management, events and marketing for several well-established international brands, Rosie took the plunge to break away from her job and started to build Florence London from scratch.

“The whole purpose of my brand is to make jewellery that is meaningful and that will make people remember the good times for years to come.”

Influences, Mission and Signature Styles

Working solo from her kitchen table in West London, her designs were brought to life. She shot content, built a following, finessed the brand and before long, people were queuing up to work with Rosie so that they could gift a customised piece of her jewellery. Her signature style was distinctive; chunky, bold, colourful.

Influences came from art; think Rothko, Carmen Herrera, Hockney, through fashion (Rosie is distinctively ‘un-fashionable’!) and from relationships with her family; particularly her three siblings. They hugely influenced the emotive side to her designs.

Rosie’s mission has developed to create luxurious, bespoke jewellery that is highly affordable to enable her customers to buy truly unique presents. All of her pieces are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique design, use of colour and sentimental personalisation.

Each piece is designed and personalised in the UK and crafted to be loved by their wearer for decades to come.

Florence London will forever strive to unite loved ones, telling stories of special points in time and capturing those pinnacle moments that will never - and should never - be forgotten. To this day, Rosie gets as excited about seeing clients’ creations come to life as she did when she sold her first ever bangle. That spark in her will never go out.

The passion for jewellery and drive for impeccable design still sits at the heart of Rosie’s brand but instead of sketching sessions and meetings happening from her kitchen table, they take place inside her custom-made studio, looking out over views of the English countryside with her son Monty popping in every now and then to cause mayhem!