Jewellery Care

Florence London jewellery is made to pass the test of time but no matter how luxurious a material is, it always helps to care for it properly to ensure it looks great for as long as possible.

General Wear Advice
Wear with care and protect your jewellery from hard bangs, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and extreme temperatures.
Avoid contact with strong household products such as bleach and keep away from extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight.
We do recommend that you remove your jewellery when showering, in the sea and when swimming in chlorinated water, although all of our stainless steel jewellery is 100% waterproof. 
Apply creams and perfume around your jewellery and not directly onto it.
Keep your jewellery away from products containing sulphur, such as rubber bands and some papers.

To Store
Cushion your jewellery from scratching against other metals and hard surfaces in draws or jewellery boxes to prevent damage, particularly when in transit. We recommend keeping the box or bag your jewellery arrived in to protect it.

To Clean
We use precious metals that may require cleaning from time to time. 
Metal -
We recommend a soft, lint free cloth to keep silver, 18 carat gold and rose gold jewellery glowing. Silver cleaner can also be used to clean our silver pieces.

To clean enamel, we recommend a soft cloth with warm water and a small touch of mild soap. Do not soak jewellery in water and always ensure pieces are dried quickly and thoroughly. 

925 Sterling Silver - Initial Necklaces and Disc Necklaces

Our gold plated sterling silver requires special love and care. Please follow our advice below:
Remove jewellery when showering or swimming to reduce contact with water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plating. Please also avoid direct contact with perfume, cream and cosmetics.

To clean your jewellery and restore its shine we recommend that you use a jewellery polishing cloth to gently polish the surface. Do not use a polishing agent or abrasive liquids as these will wear away the layers of gold.

Sterling Silver can oxidise when it comes into contact with air and so it can be prone to tarnishing. This is not a fault and can be easily treated. Gently rub your jewellery with a specialised cleaning cloth to restore its shine year after year.

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