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Hinge Signature Bangle
Gold and creamGold and blackGold and turquoiseSilver and creamSilver and black - ON SALE! See Sale PageSilver and turquoise+ 3 more
Signature Bangle
Gold and creamGold and greyGold and blackGold and pinkGold and redGold and dark greenGold and navySilver and navySilver and Baby pinkSilver and whiteSilver and turquoiseSilver and creamRose gold and creamRose gold and black+ 11 more
Signature Necklace
Gold and creamGold and blackGold and pinkSilver and turquoiseSilver and whiteRose gold and blackRose gold and cream+ 4 more
Men's Signature Cuff
Silver and blackSilver and navyGold and blackGold and dark greenSilver and bright green+ 2 more
Men's Enamel Necklace
Silver and blackSilver and whiteGold and black
Open Signature Bangle
Gold and NavySilver and turquoiseGold and creamGold and pinkSilver and cream+ 2 more
Signature Bangle Limited Edition Colours
Gold and Royal blueGold and CoralGold and OrangeSilver and TealSilver and LilacSilver and Bright pink+ 3 more
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