More than just a jewellery brand, Florence London offers a bespoke jewellery experience that transforms moments into timeless treasures. 

As the go-to for personalised jewellery, if you haven’t shopped from us before, or it has been a while, here are 5 reasons why choosing Florence London means choosing to wear your heart on your sleeve, literally. 

1) Bold yet timeless

In a world where fashion is as much about self-expression as it is about trends, Florence London brings them together with pieces that promote both individuality and timeless elegance. 

Our range of jewellery is designed to be bold yet stylish. Our signature enamel styles are at the heart of the brand, bringing together a classic style with a contemporary chunky design. All our jewellery is designed to work with each other, so you can build up your collection with different textures, sizes, and styles. From bright colours and stripes, to classic timeless styles, there is something for everyone. 


2) Personalised to tell your story 

Florence London is a celebration of personal stories, cherished memories, and unique identities. Each piece is meticulously crafted to tell a tale that is uniquely yours; whether you’re marking a significant milestone such as an anniversary or birthday, gifting to celebrate the birth of a new family member, or commemorating a loved ones, or simply indulging in a little self-love, our jewellery is totally unique to you.

3) The personal touch 

All our jewellery is made to order in our UK studio. A family run business, customers are at the heart of Florence London. Rosie, the founder, still personally makes the jewellery and speaks to customers on a daily basis as she believes they are the heart and soul of Florence London. Rosie believes it is an honour to be part of such an intimate and personal experience and wants to reflect this is the level of care and craftsmanship to her community. 

4) Jewellery for modern life 

We all know that life is busy, often chaotic with the never-ending juggle. That’s why we’ve designed jewellery that is for the modern life so you don't have another thing to worry about! Shatterproof, tarnish proof, and waterproof, our jewellery can become part of your life, rather than having to take it on and off throughout the day. Furthermore, all our pieces are tarnish resistant, created from lead-free stainless steel for its durability and ease of care. What’s more, it will not oxidise or turn your skin green!

5) Quality that doesn’t break the bank 

Florence London is built on creating quality, timeless pieces that you can cherish forever. But more often than not, that comes with a daunting price tag. We create the finest jewellery but without the luxury price tags, so that it is accessible and affordable. As a direct-to-consumer brand there are no hidden margins, and we pride ourselves on pricing fairly to reflect the quality of our suppliers and our hand-made craftsmanship.


July 03, 2024 — Rosie Florence