Your flight is tomorrow, you’re panicking. You’ve only got 20kg to check in. There isn't enough room for all of your shoes, going out clothes, fancy kaftans, new perfume, make up and a plethora of bikinis, so you need to get real!

Which jewellery will you actually use on holiday and which precious pieces should really be left at home?

Let me help you decide with a few helpful pointers I use when doing that last minute panic pack:

  1. Practicality

If you’re going to be in the pool, sweating it out or in the sea, your jewellery has to be 100% waterproof. Do not wear sterling silver gold plated jewellery that could get damaged. Either plain silver, non-precious metals such as stainless steel or rope.


  1. The feel-good factor!

You’ve spent most of your pay check on flights and accommodation and will probably spend a good chunk more. It’s an investment in your life.  You NEED to feel a million dollars. So, which bangle, necklace or pair of earrings make you feel most alive? Pack one of each and make sure you are wearing at least one of them at all times!


  1. Be safe

If you’re in a city, pick pockets are everywhere. Do not wear a precious watch or diamond ring, it is not worth the risk. Stick to fashion items. Modern style. Bracelets and necklaces ideally with a lobster clasp, not a click-in or T bar fastening which are easy to undo. If you find yourself out with a precious ring on, zip it into a pocket or put it on a strong necklace chain under your top. And if you’re on a beach hotel or villa holiday, always use the safe! It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Be you!

Personalised items work for the introvert looking for a meaningful quiet time of reflection, and the extrovert looking for talking points with strangers. Your family name necklace, anniversary bangle or monogrammed ring offer thought provoking moments during quiet times and the subject of conversation during the evenings at the bar with strangers.


  1. Statements

This goes against mainstream advice. But leave behind the pieces that go with everything, the ‘daily wear’ items. You wear them daily anyway! They get enough airtime and are in all of your pictures. Give them a rest and bring out the bolder items. The colour, the shapes, the big bold brash things you hardly ever wear. This is their, and your, time to shine.


  1. Something new

I get so much energy from new items. The thrill of holiday shopping is almost as much fun as the holiday. My recommendation is to buy something new that will forever remind you of that holiday! The coordinates of the destination engraved on a bracelet, a bright coloured enamel bangle that mirrors the tone of the sea or statement earrings that you wore to *that* restaurant.




Rosie Florence x

June 20, 2023 — Rosie Florence