Since the launch of our very first Signature enamel bangle in 2017, they have been a firm favourite amongst the Florence London community, and to date we have sold more than 6,500 bangles! 

But what makes them so popular, and why do so many people love them? 

1. A Forever Piece

Our Signature enamel bangle range was carefully designed by our Founder, Rosie. She wanted to create an everyday staple that would be both contemporary and timeless. The bold gold or silver rim gives the bangles a modern feel, with the base enamel set within this to create an elegant, sophisticated finish. 

2. Personalised to Perfection

You can add up to 15 letters, numbers or roman numerals to your Signature bangle, allowing you to design a totally unique bangle for you or your loved one. From birthday’s, anniversary dates, to bah mitzvahas or quotes - no two are ever the same!

Created in our Studio in Bucklebury, the process of personalising each bangle is a craft, with each letter, number or roman numeral being meticulously added by hand to ensure the perfect piece. You can also engrave a message on the inside, for that extra special touch. 


3. ‘Life Proof’ 

We know that whilst it’s important to have a beautiful looking bangle, it’s also just as important that it can withstand the everyday knocks. Made from three core materials our Signature bangles are easy to clean, waterproof and tarnish resistant. We use lead-free stainless steel for its durability and ease of care, and so they won’t oxidise or turn your skin green!

What’s more the enamel is shatterproof, and since the arrival of our youngest team member, Monty, who has become chief product tester, we are pleased to confirm the bangles can withstand even an energetic toddler! 

4. Endless Possibilities

One of the main reasons our Signature bangle range is loved by so many is the array of options available that there is a bangle for everyone. 

You can choose between varying sizes, whether to have simply an Initial personalised on it or add an extra 15 letters for a longer  message, or the colour of the metal rim (18K Gold, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold are all available). 

Initially when our Signature Bangles launched in 2017 it was with two designs - the full bangle and an open, cuff style. Following customer feedback and requests, we launched the Hinge Signature Bangle in 2020, to allow a style that didn’t have to slide on or off over your hand. 

5. Make It Your Own

Over the past six years we have offered a rainbow of colours throughout our Signature Bangle range, but we were still receiving requests for specific colours. As we always love hearing our customers feedback, we launched our very special Bespoke service – where you can choose from our library of Pantone colours to make it totally unique to you. 

6. One For All The Family

The Signature Bangle range isn’t just for women, we have something for all the family. Our Men’s Initial and Signature Cuff Bracelets are a firm favourite for Christmas and Father’s Day and our Child’s Signature Cuff Bracelet means no one is left out. 

We love nothing more than being sent images of the whole family in their Florence London matching bangles!

7. The Perfect Gift 

Our Signature Bangles make for a truly unique gift. A thoughtful, sentimental gift that can mark those special occasions in your life. They are particular favourites for wedding gifts, for the couple, or as bridesmaid or groomsman presents - marking the day with the date, or one of our recent favourites, the venue’s coordinates! 

8. The More The Merrier

We believe our Signature Bangles look best when they are together. Each colour and style compliment each other so you can mark each new special occasion with a Signature bangle to make for the perfect stack.

Don’t believe the hype? Here is what our community has to say about them…


Signature Bangle Quote

Signature Bangle Quote

September 01, 2023 — Rosie Florence