Mother's Day 2021 calls for personalised jewellery to let your mother know how special she is. Our helpful gift guide has jewellery options for all types of mothers and includes bangles engraved with children's names, family initial earrings and special date necklaces. 


Personalised Luxury For The Glamorous Mummy

Our best-selling Mother's Day bracelet is the Hinge Signature Bangle. The hinge and clasp mechanic means that she can open it up over her wrist rather than sliding it over her hand, meaning you can't get the sizing wrong. Each bangle is hand-filled with cream, black or turquoise enamel and hand-personalise with her children's names, birthday or set of family initials. Available in 18ct gold or silver finishes. 


If you mother loves necklaces, our Personalised Signature Necklace is faultless. Also hand-filled with a range of enamel colours such as pink, turquoise, black and cream, this design comes in 18ct gold, 18ct rose gold or silver finishes. We will hand-personalise the enamel with her initial, her families initials or her birthday in Roman numerals. Choose from a long or short cable or snake chain to further personalise the style. 


Minimal Jewellery Design For The Modern Mummy

We love creating unique jewellery that catches the eye yet is simplistic and stylish in design. This is where our Single Initial Bangle comes in! Its dainty little initial sits alone on the coloured enamel, leaving the smooth curves of the bangle to do the talking. To make this bangle extra special, engrave a message of love and appreciation on the inside rim. She will never forget it. 


The Single Initial Necklace is the equivalent necklace design. Its barrel design hangs heavily and stylishly on its chain, personalised with her initial. Again, you can engrave a small intimate message on the side of the pendant, for her eyes only. Available in a beautiful range of colours and finishes. 


Intricate Designs For The Nostalgic Mummy


The Love And Luck Necklace has been designed with symbols and personalised touches packed with meaning. It is a necklace quite unlike any other you have ever seen! With its rectangular design, personalised birthstone, personalised initial and four leaf clover, heart, star, lucky eye and horse shoe symbols, it carries hope, memories and positivity.  Add an engraving to the back of the pendant for added special meaning. 


Photographs are the ultimate nostalgia inducer! Our Personalised Picture Necklace is handmade with a mini picture, and bespoke initials. It allows a mummy to keep her most treasured memories close to her heart every day. 


Purposeful Designs For The Determined Mummy

No bangle can keep her mind on the road to happiness quite like our new Rainbow Bangle. It has been hand-filled with beautiful pastel enamels. Inscribed with our favourite motto 'Without The Rain There Would Be No Rainbow', it reminds us that to get to the greatest of times, we just keep fighting. In a year like no other, we need to be reminded that good times lay ahead, and the battles are indeed worth fighting. 


Our second motivational bangle is the stunning 18ct rose gold and cream enamel 'Be Bangle'. Inscribed with the line 'Be Strong. Be Kind', it was designed to keep our actions in check as we grow. Although we need be strong, focused and determined when fighting tough battles or smashing through our goals, we must never forget to be kind, compassionate and understanding of those who are helping us, or those who need our love and support. 


Small Touches Of Personalisation For The Traditional Mummy 


Our ultimate letterbox gift that has become famous in the past 6 months from features in Cosmo, Stylist and Elle magazine. Our Little Letter Earrings are adorable and with their mix and match option, you can personalise children's initials, couple's initials or any collection of initials that mean the world to her. 


New to our collection in 2021, the Engraved Gold or Silver Bracelet has a classical style to it. Light and discreet, it can be worn every day without her even noticing its on her wrist. We use a stunning serif font to engrave Roman numeral dates, family names and motivational quotes. They look gorgeous alone, but we love to stack one gold and one silver bracelet together for a modern look. 


Our mission at Florence London is to create gifts that will be kept and cherished year after year. If you would like to have a conversation with me about ideas to create the perfect gift for your mother, please drop me an email with some information about her, and her style, and I will come back with at least three suggestions: 




Rosie Florence x


February 18, 2021 — Rosie Florence