Looking for special wedding jewellery? A wedding gift for the bride and groom?
 Choosing a wedding gift that is thoughtful, memorable and tailored to the special couple is no mean feat! We have compiled a list of sentimental jewellery gifts that can be dispatched quickly within 24 hours (really!). Whether you are sending a gift or handing it to the couple in person, you can rest assured that this jewellery will be something that they will treasure. 
P.s. Hope that you enjoy these pictures are from my own wedding!

His And Hers Matching Date and New Initials Wedding Bracelets

Wedding bracelets bride and groom
This couple's duo could not be more perfect in capturing their wedding day forever:

For Her - The Signature Bangle (below left): Personalised with her wedding date in Roman numerals on one side and her new initials on the other.
For Him - The Signature Cuff (below right): Personalised with the wedding date on one end and his monogram on the other.

Jewellery For The Bridesmaids - Personalised Sets!

These luxurious personalised designs will add a sparkle to your girls and look great on them on the day too:

Initial Bangles (below left): They are loved by everyone and we have eight colours to fit your wedding theme.
Signature Initial Necklaces (below middle): They look gorgeous with a V-neck dress and fit all sizes.

And, why not pop the question with our Little Letter Earrings (below right) personalised with her initials?

Jewellery For The Bride -  A Wedding Date Necklace Or A Celebratory Bangle

The budding bride might be feeling overwhelmed with the big day, and one of these special pieces would be a calming gift for her:

925 Silver or Gold Vermeil Necklace (below left): Engraved with her marital name or couples initials on one side and her wedding date on the other.
The Rainbow Bangle (below right): Inscribed with the motto 'Without The Rain, There Would Be No Rainbow', it will remind her how far she's come to get to this day.

Jewellery For The Mother Of Bride -  Our Most Luxurious Personalised Bangle

The second most important lady of the day, the Mother Of The Bride!

Our Hinge Signature Bangle is the perfect gift. With a clasp on the side, it's easy to get her size right and comfortable for her to get on and off, if she ever takes it off!

We suggest personalising the cream bangle with the date of the wedding in Roman numerals and most importantly, engraving the inside of the bangle with a special message of love and thank you from her daughter.

Jewellery For The Father Of Bride and The Ushers - Men's Personalised Wedding Bracelets

The boys will look dapper in their black and silver cuffs and will walk away from your wedding having had a ball, and with a smart new bracelet!

The Men's Signature Cuff is skilfully embossed with his monogram and flexible to fit all sizes.
For the Father Of The Bride, we suggest adding an engraved message on the inside of the bracelet. 
I hope that my list provides you with a special gift for your next wedding, or even a piece to wear yourself. After all, we all need a little sparkle this year. 
Rosie Florence x