Here’s a look back at life behind the scenes of Florence London throughout the rollercoaster of 2022.


It was my first year as a working mother and Florence London’s fifth year. We built a new HQ within the grounds of our new home, dispatched over 10,000 orders, exhibited at two major London shows, spent a day with Johnnie Boden, hosted our biggest ever sample sale, launched a limited edition Jubilee Bangle that sold out in days, raised £5k to help our friends in Ukraine with our ‘Love Wins’ bracelet, donated to CoppaFeel!, The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust, Cancer Research and the Charlie Waller trust, welcomed Charlotte to the team, and made many big plans for 2023!


Writing this makes me feel proud and exhausted in equal measures. Juggling building a brand while trying to do your best raising a baby is tough. A lot tougher that I ever imagined. It’s the emotional exhaustion as well as the physical.


Somehow, likely down to my stubbornness in not being willing to take a break, we had our most successful year ever. The late nights in the studio, cramming in work between baby sick, nappies, naps and weaning, 5am starts and some help from family and friends seem to have worked out. Surely it can only get easier from here?


2022 has certainly made me a stronger person. I am more decisive, more forgiving and overall more confident in what I do; in designing, marketing and selling meaningful jewellery.


My newfound confidence has spurred me to design some incredible pieces for 2023. I look forward to introducing them to you throughout the year.


Thank you hugely for all of your support.


With love,


Rosie Florence x

December 31, 2022 — Rosie Florence