Our Rewards Club is a loyalty programme where we reward our members when they carry out certain actions and activities as a thank you for shopping with Florence London. 

It's free to become a Reward Club member and you can redeem rewards you earn as part of the Rewards Club online at florencelondon.com


Ways to earn 

To be part of the Rewards Club, you simply enroll, which will earn you 100 reward points, and you can earn more points when you carry out certain actions and activities, such as following us on Instagram, signing up for an extra birthday treat, or leaving a review. We have outlined the reward points structure below. There is no limit on the points you can earn.

Ways to redeem 

It's easy to exchange your points for Florence London rewards. This is done via the ‘Ways to Redeem’ section of our Rewards Club page. 

We offer 3 ways to redeem your points; 

500 Reward Points = £5 off coupon

1000 Reward Points = Free Shipping coupon

100 Reward Points = £1 off your order 

To access your discount code, click into the ‘Your Rewards’ section and you will have your total points available. It will provide you with the different ways you can redeem these points, depending on the total number of points you have accumulated. Once you click into the option,  you will be provided a code that you can use at checkout.

How do I sign up? 

You can create an account by clicking on the ‘Rewards’ button you’ll see at the bottom left of your screen, phone or tablet. 
From here, you can set up an account with a valid email address and password. You may only join the Club with one email account, if you have multiple accounts under your name/ or email address please contact hello@florence-london.com to make sure these are combined. 

Do I receive points for past purchases?

No, you will only receive points for any purchases made after the creation of your account. We cannot back date any points. 

Can I be removed from the Rewards Club?

If you do not wish to be removed by Florence London in the Rewards Club, please contact hello@florence-london.com with your request to close your account. 
We have the right to remove any Club member, and terminate their Florence London Rewards Club account, if we reasonably suspect that someone's activity to achieve points and/or tier status is fraudulent or and abuse of these terms.