2023 has been an incredible year for everyone at Florence London, it's also been a huge learning curve for everyone involved but one filled with positivity, motivation and gratitude.

We’ve achieved so much from our small studio in Bucklebury and are so proud with where we have grown as a business. We've creating 7,000 pieces of personalised jewellery, we brought on the wonderful Tilly full time who helps makes all your jewellery, we supported 10 charities, we launched 12 new lines including some of our most exciting designs to date, we went to Badminton and Cotswold Fairs where we met lots of our lovely customers, we launched our first loyalty programme offering you more opportunities to get discounts as you purchase with us, and finally, had a record sales day, month and year! It's certainly kept us busy!

We have some many exciting plans for 2024 and it is going to be our biggest and best year yet. And all of this alongside the imminent arrival of our newest member of the team!

So we wanted to share our 2024 Florence London promises with you;

☎️ Continue to deliver personalised, helpful and reliable customer service.⁠

👌🏽 Launch good looking, top-quality new jewellery at affordable prices.⁠

🛍️ Reduce any unnecessary packaging to be as least impactful on the environment as possible. ⁠

🤩 Say YES as much as possible to any of your jewellery requests not matter how fiddly, urgent or specific they are!⁠

🙏🏻 Support at least 5 charities.⁠

💞 Support our friends in need with giveaways.⁠

📢 Be open and honest with our followers about the growth of our brand - the good, the bad and the ugly!⁠

🛣️ Pop up around the country to be able to offer our services to those who prefer to shop in person. ⁠

We can’t wait to take you on this wonderful ride with us! Here’s to an exciting 2024! 


Rosie Florence x

January 14, 2024 — Rosie Florence
Tags: 2024