We know how important it is to be able to live your life in your jewellery, be that rushing around doing your daily chores, dressing up for a night out or putting your feet up somewhere sunny.

Florence London jewellery is made to pass the test of time regardless of what you get up to. But no matter how luxurious a material is, it always helps to care for it properly to ensure it looks great for as long as possible.

We’ve put various methods to the test and have come up with our top tips for keeping your jewellery looking great.

  1. Storage
  • Lasts A Lifetime: The first step of jewellery care is to store it safely in either their original piece of packaging, a padded jewellery box or a leather jewellery case. We send all of our pieces inside a travel pouch or a ribbon tied box which do the job perfectly! And for heavy items such as our Signature Bangles, make sure there’s only one bangle per box to save them from rubbing together.
  • Don’t Get In A Knot: Whilst it is tempting to keep all your necklaces or bracelets in one box, it’s best to store them separately so they don’t knot together. Try to hang them up or if you’re using one of our pouches, drape them in half over the central compartment. 


  1. Cleaning 
  • Regular Polish: To keep your jewellery shining we always recommend cleaning your jewellery regularly to avoid any dirt or grime building up. We love the brand ‘Town Talk’ for gold and silver polish. Pop a little onto a jewellery polishing cloth and wipe clean, then use a dry cloth to gently buff. Or, try our cheat method of warm water and washing up liquid for a similar result! When shopping with us, you can add a Florence London polishing cloth to your basket for just £3 – they last for 5+ years!  
  • Brush Up: If you have a complex piece of jewellery where bits of dust and lotions can get stuck in tiny areas, use a very soft toothbrush and warm soapy water to gently scrub those little gaps. You can use a hairdryer on a cool setting to properly dry it afterwards. 

For specific material cleaning advice, head to our Jewellery Care page here

  1. Care 
  • Last On, First Off: The chemicals in cosmetics can tarnish jewellery so we would always recommend putting on your perfume or lotions before your jewellery to avoid any build up of unwanted chemicals. 
  • Wear With Care: Whilst all our jewellery is tarnish proof and shatterproof, we think it’s always a good idea to take care of your favourite pieces to not get any knocks or chips so we’d always recommend taking them off during physical exercise. 
  • Summer Loving: Although sweat, sea, sun will not break your Florence London jewellery, there are some things to can to do slow the aging of your jewellery. Firstly, give it a rinse with fresh water if you’ve sweated in it (the acid in our sweat can impact the performance of enamel and sometimes gold) and if you’re jumping in and out of water, pop the jewellery to the side to prevent losing it. Lastly, sand can scratch our precious jewellery, so pop it in your bag while you’re having fun on the beach.


For any questions about our jewellery, please get in touch with our team on hello@florence-london.com

June 20, 2024 — Rosie Florence