Florence London is a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, we're supporting the charity Breast Cancer Now, a charity who work to provide research and support women fighting Breast Cancer.


We've excitedly created a limited edition pink and silver Signature Bangle that we are auctioning off to our followers! Bids will be anonymously submitted via direct messages. This bangle is a never seen before, unique colour that means the winner will have a truly original one of a kind piece!


The highest bidder will win the bangle, which will be engraved with their personalised message. We're encouraging bidders to think of a person who would love to wear a motivational bangle to remind them of what they are, or have accomplished. Or, it might be bought for oneself to add to their Florence London Signature Bangle stack!



Later this month, we will be asking for nominations from you for someone who you know or know of who could do with recognition or a little lift! We'll be giving away three of our red and gold Love Heart Necklaces, engraved with a name or initial. 


This campaign will launch on our Instagram and Facebook channels on 25th October. And we will be donating the worth of these three necklaces to Breast Cancer Now. 


Jump over to our Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up!




The Florence London Team



October 06, 2023 — Rosie Florence