Since a young age I have always felt proudly British. I think this was largely due to my childhood growing up in the rolling countryside enjoying everything it had to offer. Going to university in Oxford, one of the most famous British cities in the world, definitely helped solidify my love for the United Kingdom and I felt so lucky to study in such an incredible setting. 

Following university, I moved to the bright lights of London and lived there for 12 years. I loved everything London offered, the buzzing streets, the busy restaurants. Florence London was born whilst I was living in London, and it’s safe to say this had a huge influence on my designs and the ethos and values of the brand. 

Building a business as a solo founder means your values and heritage often permeate through to the values and culture of the business, and so much of Florence London comes from my love of Britain and our amazing heritage. 

Here are just a few ways Florence London has been, and will always be, inextricably linked to our wonderful British heritage.

London, The Beating Heart

London is an infectious city, the never-ending energy, the vibrant streets, you get swept up in the majesty of it all. And the architecture is unlike anywhere else - St Paul’s, Embankment, Buckingham Palace, you feel like you can achieve anything when you walk the streets of London below the towering landmarks. 

It was this energy and vibrancy that brought Florence London to life. I used to sit in local cafes drinking coffee watching the world go by and sketch my first designs. Some of them we still have today! A big part of being a British brand, and launching in London, was the ever evolving fashion trends, and seeing how people dressed. I loved seeing everyone’s outfits and knew that I wanted to create jewellery that would be timeless, elegant, and work with every occasion. From day to night. Dressing it up or down. I wanted Florence London pieces to be the foundation of anyone’s jewellery and allow the jewellery to tell their story, and show off their own personality.   


Celebrating British Icons 

As you know, I am a big fan of the Monarch and have loved the Royals for my whole life. So it only felt right that I celebrate our greatest British icon, Queen Elizabeth II. I designed something to celebrate the momentous occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee, the Limited Edition Signature Bangle in British colours, Red, Blue & White. They were such a smash hit, I couldn’t believe it. But it was so fun to celebrate our longest reigning Queen and clearly so many people felt the same about her as I did. 

Given the success of the Jubilee bangle, I knew I had to design a piece to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, a longstanding icon in British history who has so dutifully fulfilled his role and now reached his time to lead the Royal Family. The Coronation Necklace was beautiful, and whilst I may be biassed, it was a perfect piece - a heavy crown pendant, with a Royal Blue enamel stripe to sit perfectly on your chest.  

I hope in the future I will be designing jewellery to celebrate the next generation of Royals, and in particular my favourite Prince Louis who has shown everyone his cheeky side! 


Colours of Britain 

The first three colours of my Signature enamel bangles were red, black and cream. It’s no wonder where the influence came from for these colours as I sat in cafes watching London buses and Black Cabs drive past! These colours are a nod to the influence of London on the brand, and these colours are still some of our best sellers all these years later. 

It’s not just London though that I get inspiration from for our colours. Moving out from London to Berkshire my influence has come more from the English countryside around me. Our Rainbow Bangle colours were inspired by the transition to Spring, the warm pastel colours that start coming up with the snowdrops, crocus’s and daffodils. 

As a family, we now spend lots of time in the Isle of Wight, a quintessentially British holiday destination, and it is no surprise that our latest colours reflect the vibrancy of these fun beach holidays, with bright oranges and blues of the Solent coming through in our new bangles. 



Florence London’s British roots run deep, shaping every aspect of who we are and what we do and I couldn’t be prouder of that. As a brand we are committed to bringing you that wonderful British strength, humour and passion in everything we do. 

Now off for some tea and scones! 

Rosie Florence x

March 20, 2024 — Rosie Florence
Tags: London